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Top 10 Heart Worm Products

Most dogs and cats have worms whether they live indoor or outdoor. Dog worms can cause your dog to become sick and even to die. Five common types of dog worms are: heartworm, hookworm, round worm, tape worm and whip worm. However, all types are highly preventable; but heart worm needs your special attention. Here are the 10 heart worm products that help in managing heartworms in your dogs and cats.

1. Heartguard (ivermectin) is chewable and given orally, using recommended dosage and regimen. It is effective against tissue larval stage of microfilaria immitis for a month (30 days) after infection and as a result preventing the development of the adult stage. Heartgard plus (ivermectin/pyrantel) comes in a beef chewable which protects pets from deadly heartworm diseases; also treats hookworms and roundworms. This is taken once a month.

2. Interceptor (milbemycin oxime) for cats and dogs are palatable tablets that are imbibed monthly. It hinders heartworm disease, controls hookworms, removes and controls round worms and whipworm infection in dogs and puppies. The tablet is orally administered.

3. Revolution is a safe and simple way to protect cats and dogs harmful parasites. This topical treatment contains selamectin in tube which can control heartworms, round worms, hookworms and kill fleas. It is safe for puppies and kittens that are less than six months. Its effect begins two hours after application. Being waterproof, it is affected by shampoo and exposure under the rain.

4. Iverhart plus is also flavored chewable. It prevents intestinal parasite control which is guaranteed to protect dogs from deadly parasites, like the three kinds of worms: heartworm, roundworm and hookworm. It is taken once every month.

5. Advantage multi for dogs is an all-in-one product which kills fleas before they lay eggs and a prevention against heartworm, round worm and hookworm.. It is in a small tube which you must press out and apply all between the shoulder blades of your dog. It is quite messy so you apply to your dog at nighttime.

6. Sentinel is a flavored tablet that is taken monthly as oral prevention against heart worms and fleas, as well as, adult roundworms, hookworms and whipworms. Sentinel cannot kill adult fleas.

7. Milbemax is an oral broad spectrum of anthelmintic tablet that is used in treatment of mixed infection caused by round worm, hook worm and tape worm; it also prevents heartworm disease in cats, kittens, dogs and puppies.

8. Ivermectin (generic alternative to Heartgard) It prevents heartworms in canines; protects dogs from deadly heartworm disease by getting rid of ringworm larvae that infect pets in the last month before treatment. For dogs and cats, one tablet is administered monthly. This is the inexpensive version of Heartgard.

9. Proheart (Moxidictin) is an injectible heartworm preventive for dogs which is given every six months. It can also kill hookworms. It is safe to use in pregnant dogs, and Colie breeds.

10. Natural remedies as herbal and homeopathic therapy has been found to be effective. Give your pets, herbal ingredients as artemisia, absinthenium (wormwood), eugenia caryophyllata (cloves), azactirachta indica (neem) and ruta graveolens (herb of Grace).

These top 10 Heart Worm products will go a long way in preventing your pets from heartworm diseases. Try heartgard or one of the other products listed above to see results.
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