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American Bobtail Cat

According to legend, bobtails are the result of a crossbreeding between a domestic tabby cat and a bobcat. Yodie, a short-tailed brown tabby male, mated with a seal point Siamese colored (cat) female to create the Bobtail's original bloodline. Most of the early bloodlines have been eliminated.Although this is genetically possible, the bobcat/domestic cat hybrids, particularly the male, would probably become sterile. The unusual tail is actually the result of a random spontaneous genetic mutation within the domestic cat population or is related to the dominant Manx gene.

This cat's original appearance genetics were modified in the breed to form a new and improved breed which comes in all colors, categories and divisions. New shorthair versions have appeared where once only longhair versions were fully recognized. These new lines, which invoke a gentler sweeter cat with the remaining wild look features, may have begun in Florida It is still permitted to outcross the Bobtail with domestic stock, so long as the currently small gene pool is kept healthy. Manx and Japanese Bobtails are not used in the integrated matrix.

The breed was recognised by the International Cat Association in 1989. The breed is accepted for Championship competition in The Cat Fanciers Association, The International Cat Association and the American Cat Fanciers' Association.

On the cat activity scale of 1 (calm, serene) to 10 (overactive), the Bobtail receives a 7-8. Breeders claim that Bobtails are playful, friendly, energetic and extremely intelligent, but some are born scared, not playful, and not very fast at opening up to you. American Bobtails have dog-like personalities, often play fetch and greet their owners at the door. They are very tolerant of being picked up by younger children and handled like a sack of potatoes. They've been known to escape from closed rooms and fastened cages with Harry Houdini-type ease.
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American Bobtail Cat Breed Data

- History, characteristics, and photo gallery.
- Listings for this group of breeders.
- California and Massachusetts breeders. 
- TICA-registered American Bobtails, with CFA pending.


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