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Pasta and Tofu Together

By Megan, Pasta and Tofu

Last month, I traveled to Iowa to visit my family. I have flown several times with Pasta, and she is a real pro. But this was the first time that I would be taking the new addition to our family, our cat Tofu, along with us. We were going to be staying with my Dad for almost two weeks, and I had nobody to watch Tofu for that long, so he got to go with Pasta and me.

I was nervous about how this would all go. Security especially worried me. I was able to have Tofu be a carry-on item, so I was able to keep him and Pasta with me the entire time. Pasta could tell things were different. She was very excited when we left with Tofu in the carrier, staring at him and wagging her tail furiously. But as she felt my nerves and Tofu’s as he kept meowing on the way to the airport, I could tell she was nervous, which was quite strange for her.

Luckily, the TSA agents were very friendly and we got through security much easier than I thought we would. I had to take Tofu out of the carrier and carry him through the metal detector. Because I needed both hands, I was unable to make the long leash and go through with Pasta at a sit stay as instructed by GDB. So, I instead kept the leash short, put Pasta on a sit stay and dropped the leash before walking through with Tofu. Pasta stayed beautifully. Luckily, Tofu and I did not set off the metal detector, and I was able to call Pasta through. She ate up the attention she got from her pat-down, and we were off.

As soon as Tofu and I both calmed down after security, I could tell Pasta was much more at ease, as well. On the plane, I slid Tofu’s carrier under the seat in front of us and Pasta lay down beside him with her head near his carrier. It was a tight fit for her but she did great, and I really think that having her right there calmed Tofu. They both slept almost the entire trip, and although Tofu had never flown, he only meowed about five times for the entire flight. The connection went just as smoothly, and we were all happy when we got to our destination and my dad picked us up.

Tofu and Pasta both had a great time in Iowa visiting my family, too. Tofu had a blast playing with my dad’s cats, and Pasta loved seeing my dad, the rest of my family and playing in the snow. The time went way too fast, but we all had a great time. Pasta and Tofu both did just as well on the trip back to Long Beach, as well, and since I was calmer, Pasta was not nervous at all.

I just wanted to share this story with you all and thank you for Pasta. She is a terrific guide and friend to me, and a great buddy to Tofu. It must have looked quite interesting to fellow travelers as they saw the airport worker walking in front of us, with Pasta following and Tofu in his carrier over my shoulder. And I just know that Tofu was able to feel safer because his friend, Pasta, was there.

Below, Pasta and Tofu are pictured together on the floor:

Tofu and Pasta together on the floor


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