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One Kibble at a Time

Sometimes, our dogs simply make us laugh. The silly things they do endear them to us and allow us to take things a little less seriously. Such was the case recently for GDB alumnus Jean-Pierre Jamous with his Guide Dog Hornet. Jean-Pierre (who is originally from Lebanon and has championed access rights for service dogs in that country) has been a Guide Dog user for 12 years, but recently had such a funny incident with his guide that he wrote us with this tongue-in-cheek announcement of Hornet's new service abilities. We hope you get a chuckle.

Submitted by GDB alumnus Jean-Pierre Jamous

I am very pleased to inform you that I have discovered the ultimate cleaning machine ever made. It is fast, efficient, and highly effective. The results are astonishing.

The discovery came about this morning. I got up and was not fully awake. I had Hornet, my Guide Dog, walking along side of me waiting to be fed.

I reached to his food container and filled an 8-ounce cup. As I turned to enter the kitchen to mix the food with warm water, my hand hit the wall. The plastic cup bounced against the wall, then faster than I could react, it sprung up in the air and the kibble contents came crashing down all over the kitchen floor.

I stood still for a moment, pondering the situation. Remember, I was not fully awake. Hornet stood by me like a good boy. He did not cross the kitchen doorway, despite the tempting mess, because he has been taught by me that this is a forbidden zone to him in the house.

Suddenly, an idea dawned on me. Why not let Hornet do the cleaning? This is not my food. It is his. Technically I wouldn't be breaking the rule I have developed, and since I knew the source of the errant scraps, I wasn't worried about him ingesting something out of the ordinary.

I gave Hornet the okay to sweep the floor. He hesitated as if to say: "Are you sure I can go in there?" I reassured him that it was fine and even turned the light on for him.

At that moment a miracle unfolded before me. Within two minutes - tops - Hornet was done cleaning the floor. To ensure the value of his cleaning capabilities, I wiped the whole floor with my hands. I could not find one piece of food on the ground. Not even under the fridge or stove. His cleaning was faster and more efficient than any broom or machine on the market.

After this magnificent discovery, I thought to myself, "What if I started up a business: Hornet Cleaning Services LLC?" We'd be in high demand! Since Hornet is equipped with all-paw drive and a double layer coat, we could even make house calls in a snow storm. And we could expand - bring along all of Hornet's non-service dog friends, capable of cleaning up other edible messes! People, put your vacuums away, and give us a call today. If there's a kibble mess to be addressed, Hornet is the pooch for the job!


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