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From time to time, we'd like to introduce you to members of the Guide Dog Family who are not only passionate about their connection to GDB, but are wonderful writers, as well.

One such person is Becky Andrews with her Guide Dog Cricket. Becky writes about how when retinitis pigmentosa took her sight, it also took her car keys.

But she doesn't let that stop her. Sporting flashy and fashionable TEAM GDB bike jerseys, Becky and her husband take a tandem out for a spin – and cycling becomes a family activity once more.

Although it's snowing right now in Bountiful, Utah, where Becky and her family live, there's a lot of warmth to go around. Becky works as a Marriage and Family therapist, and Cricket is the perfect office mate. "She is very sweet," Becky says, "She has an innate ability to know just how my clients are feeling. She's been known to sidle up to them and extend a paw, just at the right moment."

We like reading Becky's posts because she engenders community and celebrates independence with an indomitable "can do" spirit. We hope you enjoy reading her blog, Crusin' with Cricket, as much as we do.


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